I am an Energy healer. I mostly work in the modality of Huna (Hawaiian word for Secret) and am also certified as a Reiki practitioner. I am a wife and a mother of 2. This mothering journey has not only honed my energy healing skills but has also made me an epilepsy advocate as well as a medical cannabis advocate. This advocacy in turn has made me a public speaker and writer, sharing with other the trials, tears and victories surrounding parenting, advocating and helping others on their journey of healing. I keep myself balanced by being in nature as much as I can, by practicing Forrest yoga and meditation and by connecting with the people I love. For fun I love reading, dancing, singing at the top of my lungs in the car when alone, photography and a sweet white wine.

Why did you join Consciously Woman?

I joined Consciously Woman (CW) to surround myself with high vibrating and inspiring women. I was excited to be a part of a group that empowers and brings out the best light in us all. To be in a place where we support each other when the world wants us to tear each other down is for me both remarkable and rewarding. And lastly, I joined CW to share. To share my story, my family’s story, our journey, in the hopes that by sharing our story that we can inspire and create a spark of hope for others.

What is your Vision? What is your Dream?

My vision is to expand my healing practice. I want to reach and help people heal around the world through actual energy healing or through public speaking and published writing. The really big and large and near and dear to my heart dream is to create and open a Holistic healing centre for children and their families.


Metamorphosis Healing