Have a fabulous day, Ladies!

Ladies! Briefly, over the holidays, in lieu of daily meditations, please accept this gift of Pingu joy! Each little video is 5 minutes long, and filled with joyful sweetness. Perfect for the holidays.

Start with this one, and let youtube do the walking…

Happy Holidays!


So much joy!


Meditation for Dec. 22, 2016:

Today’s meditation space is bringing together these three energies: our  discussion topic wants, bringing in the light for the coming year (Solstice was yesterday), and the spectacular fox sighting I had this morning. Be agile and adaptive, a combination of allowing flow and directing action towards how you receive and create the things you want.

For this meditation, be prepared with a pen and paper, so you can use the 2 min of quiet to gather your thoughts and your wants. Let the focus on “the light” bring even more clarity to your desires.


8:47 min

Meditation for Dec. 21, 2016

Good Morning!

This is our last real day of this call topic – what do you want to have?! This meditation is intended to support the assimilation of those wants into your foundation of abundance. Your wanting is the key to having it all.


It’s 11:37 min.

Thank you for your feedback on these meditations btw! I am still trying to figure out how to put them into mp3 format, and also to increase the microphone volume. I’m going to keep posting them this way for another few days, until I figure it out. The tech stuff is ridiculously difficult for me. Ridiculous! But I don’t want to pause on doing the meditations, and posting them on the sites. It’s helping me work through my nervousness!

Thanks Ladies. You rock. xo

Meditation for Dec. 20, 2016

For Clarity!


10 min. GO!

Meditation for Dec. 19, 2016

Getting connected to our own stability. All around us there is scatter and focus all at the same time. It is an incredible time of year for conflicting energies. The invitation with this meditation is to keep yourself connected to your powerful and stable energy, to spite what is going on around you or what you witness in others.



Meditation for Dec. 18, 2016.

For rest: