The Pacific Northwest is my home. My roots are located in the City of Spokane, Washington. I have traveled many different places and I loved visiting each and everyone. I enjoy learning the culture and vibe of a new place, but it is always nice to come back home. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant. In my free time I write, read, dance, study my family history, help at charities and travel. I am divorced and have three grown children.

Why did you join Consciously Woman?

I was invited to join this amazing group of woman and joyfully accepted. This is a place of peace, love and kindness. Here women lift each other up. We celebrate the beautiful, unique, amazing women we are.

What is your Vision? What is your Dream?

My vision is help other women who feel trapped, stuck in darkness, have no voice, or are in pain. There are different paths that can lead us to this awful place. I want you to know there is a way out. I was there for twenty years. I lived in an abusive relationship and here I am today. I am stronger, more confident, living life and happy. I met so many amazing people on this journey who helped me discover life. I call those people my guardian angels; I want to be someone’s guardian angel too.