This Week’s Topic – Be Cool

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Be cool! It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

This week is part two of our vacation series, where we relax into the days, and allow ourselves to be inspired by the beauty of life in slower motion.

But yes, it’s getting hot out there! We’re in the heat of it all!

In times like these, how do you stay cool?!

This is kind of a wild card of a topic. Go ahead and take it in any direction that inspires you.

How do you stay cool, quite literally? Do you take a swim or sip a beautiful cocktail in your living room in front of a fan?

Or, how do you stay cool metaphorically? Do you always wear something funky? Do you always know what to say at a meeting? Do you always know how to diffuse an argument? Do you accessorize? Does your passion equal your ambition and your know-how?

It’s pretty cool to imagine where this week’s discussion will take us. It’s like an all-inclusive stay-cation.

Be cool, Ladies!

And enjoy.

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