Power of Knowing

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


She is my rock! She has gotten me through some dark days, scary storms and the warm sunshine. I rely on her and she relies on me. I take care of her and she takes care of me.

We listen to fabulous music and good books. Our knowledge is shared. Yet she is getting on in years. She is more than a vehicle, she is part of the family. The thought of replacing her breaks my heart.

With anxiety and terror I ventured out to several car dealerships yesterday. I knew what I wanted. I was just looking. I was not giving out my contact information. I was prepared for the push back.

I walked on the lot and they appeared. I took a deep breath. I am strong, independent and I know what I want. I reminded myself that I can be any character I write about. It was time to channel one of them.

Well I visited four dealerships and it was a pleasant experience. I received no pressure, just kindness and no one asked for my information. I was surprised.

The power of knowing shined off of me. I turned the car buying experience into exactly what I wanted. By using the tools inside of me I was able to be my best self. When I am my best self I succeed.

When I know exactly what I want and where I am going it is a powerful experience. I don’t get questions or suggestions. I am able to be “me.”

I aluminate a confident energy. Confidence that comes with the power of knowing.

“Grace” is still moving forward. I will continue to care for her until the bitter end. I gave myself the knowledge of knowing. This way I am ready.

Inspiration Challenge: Can you become a character you envision? Do tell.

Write on, Ladies. Write ON!



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