Mana From Heaven

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


So funny story. I am sure it will be funny haha soon enough, but right now the ache leaves it more as a funny-ironic taste in my mouth.

Ever had a day or even week or in the case of this 5th pandemic wave, a couple of years where things just seem misaligned? Where things feel like an effort?

Very recently I’ve had a run of “luck” that had me telling myself some pretty fantastic stories. Coffee grounds, spilled all over the floor. Lunch spilled all over my shirt, minutes before needing to be on camera for training, phone call from the school, “your son just had a seizure”.

As you can imagine, I found myself in a pity party. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before: “Are you *&^%$# kidding me? Whoa is me, the universe is out to get me, it’s a sabotage, what did I do to deserve this?” Blah-blah-blah insert your script here. This of course was not serving me other than to dwell on the suffering, which ironically is entirely mine in the making.

As luck would have it, and as the inspiration comes in the higher divine’s time and not mine, the answer came to me in the shower the next morning. All of a sudden I got the knowing that this was a time of pause before the real momentum of the year picks up. Earlier a dear friend had done a healing on me and delivered the wisdom, “slow down, be kind to yourself“. I sulked at the guidance after all I have big plans for the year, there is much that needs to be done to align myself up for these things, though it made sense, especially the reminder for kindness and compassion for my lack of being present with myself. My inner chatter and frustration were not the kindest in that moment as I tuned in.

slow down, be kind to yourself

The shower wisdom reminded me that there was a big year ahead. Already the momentum of the new collaborations and course creation has started to pick up as are the live events. While the delivery of the pause wasn’t how I would have pictured it, it was meant as a gift. To pause. To return to the moment. And to build the foundation of energy to confidently sustain me through the exciting year ahead. Big goals need energy to sustain them. Better to refuel and charge up well now than to lose steam partway through the year or worse derail the goals.

Interestingly, the insights come when I am naked, most vulnerable if you will. I am grateful for the wisdom. I am reminded to embrace vulnerability and to return to naked in my thinking. Removing the layers of stories and cloaks of limiting beliefs and coming back to the naked truth. As always, when I tune into the wisdom and listen I am humbled. It’s as though the universe is sharing with me a glimpse of the bigger puzzle for me to make sense of where this piece fits. When I follow what this guidance is telling me I am confident that the outcome will be for my highest and best good. So right now I trust and follow the guidance and wisdom and simply allow for my body wisdom to guide me.

The word Mana in Hawaiian means life force. From the 6th Huna Principle Mana reminds us to be confident because all power, all life force, comes from within. So while my body’s life force is healing my wounds, physical and spiritual I remember that I need nothing external to me to be successful. First steps, moving forward, it’s all me! So I share with you that wisdom. Tap into your beautiful confidence with this week’s meditation.

Stand tall and walk confidently into your week knowing all that you need is within you!




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