Letting Go

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I am afraid of letting go. The fear cripples me. Letting go sounds simple to do, but it isn’t.

When you grasps a rope it can be difficult to let go. If you let go someone could fall or if I am hanging on for dear life then I could fall. If you are on a team letting go will affect your teammates. It is paralyzing to let go when you are falling into the unknown.

I held my grandpa’s hand. He wiped my tears and asked me to let him go. It was painful and difficult. I granted his wish and let him go. Letting Grandpa go is the first painful memory I have.

A beautiful friendship that brought me so much joy for years slowly turned toxic. I had to let go for my own peace. I look back on our friendship with a smile. This was a very scary decision. In the end it worked out for both of us.

When my children grew into amazing adults I beamed with pride. I was also faced with great sadness. My children didn’t need me anymore.

My children are leading their own lives. They have families, careers, bills, friends and responsibilities. How was I going to be a part of their world. I had to let go. Our relationship changed.

The love is still there. The love is the same. How we connected and interact is different. They way I fit into their world had to change. My job is done. I can step back and enjoy the view. My children don’t need to be parented. I had to let go.

It is a gradual process. Today it is easier. I am relaxed around them. I show off my silly side. I now have my own dreams. I travel and have fun.

Letting go is painful, things change in a positive and negative way. Either way I mourn. The tears help me prepare for the next step. I release the weight from the rope. The realization of what I have done is quite overwhelming. After the tears I am ready for the next step.

Letting go is the beginning of something new, a new road, a new adventure or a new happiness. I know I am capable to tackle the new opportunities before me. I got this.


Inspiration Challenge:

What are you letting go of this week?


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