Leap. The Obstacles Disappear.

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Boy, have I been deferring to write about this week’s topic! Because either I’d select a minor vision and be safe or I’d really have to show up with my big vision. And that’s something I’ve been procrastinating ever since we started to talk vision a few weeks back and I noticed right away when you ladies started sharing about the topic this week that I was shying away from coming out of the closet. On the other hand if I need one thing right now to move forward it’s believing in my vision and having amazing and successful (the truly successful kind!) people like you believing in my vision with me!

The vision is so widespread it’s hard for me to put in words, esp. as many of the details aren’t clear yet. The big vision is about my professional life. It’s the dream of my own coaching practice, helping esp. women to deal with whatever keeps them from being happy, might that be how to deal with depression or how to get out of a corporate job in order to follow one’s professional dream or how to find the confidence to make a leap of faith towards one’s vision or anything else really.

In order to support myself financially I want to have a part time job that is interesting yet allows me to have enough energy left to let my practice grow and to live a healthy and balanced life. Maybe until the coaching is running the show or maybe forever, I’ll see.

Actually the healthy balanced part is the reason behind it all. For so long my life has been out of whack, totally focused on my work and on other people’s perceived needs and wants it literally made me sick. I finally want to show up in my live and live it for me first. And as a second step I want to share my gifts with others. I want to live a self-determined life, making decisions out of my wants and my intuition, guidance and trust instead of fear or what somebody else tells me.

In the last few months something new has entered the picture: writing. I remember how hesitant I was when Adrienne suggested I write for CW regularly. It’s something I’d never done before, let alone that I “knew” how to do. But esp. since the beginning of this year when I really committed myself it started to grow on me. In fact I’m falling in love with it as a new way to express myself. I’ve written a lot of journals over the years, but knowing that somebody else reads it makes it be a different experience. In part it means to put myself “out there” in an authentic way and to show up not only for myself but for others as well. And despite that being a bit scary I am really enjoying it.

And I have to add that you ladies really sweeten the deal! I love the exchange with you, I love to learn from and with you and I love to see in you examples of how to show up authentically in life and be successful despite any obstacles. I thank you for that and for believing in this vision with and for me!!

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