Kind Heart

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


I am horrified by some of the comments I read on social media. These awful comments come from people who don’t even know me. The people who know me are kind or don’t say anything.

My passionate friends and family come to my defense. I ask them to ignore the comments or send the person a hug emoji. This person needs love in their life, we all do.

We need to keep the love and inspiration alive in our hearts. I keep myself in-tune with music, dance, long walks and a good book. I have to set time for myself each day. I make myself a priority.

My “me time” fills me with love and happiness. I then pass my joy onto others. The people who know me, know I am a happy and kind person.

My happy soul is the reason negative comments don’t bother me. I am a lady full of love exploding from my fingertips.
I am excited to write my next adventure even if some don’t enjoy my story.

I enjoy the woman I am. I am thankful I take time for me. Happiness springs through my soul.


Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me what makes your heart happy?


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