Kill Them With Kindness

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I live my life by the philosophy that the moment I use other people’s lack of compassion as an excuse to let go of my own will to do good, I’ve already lost the most important part of who I am. I refuse to fail in this respect.

I make mistakes, get lax, drop the ball, hurt others, lose my patience and allow my blood to boil. I can think of myself as very principled and take too much pride from that belief. I’ve been judgmental, critical, arrogant and condescending. I’ve been completely irrational and taken a decent fit about absolutely nothing. I’ve even fallen into the trap of feeling sorry for myself here or there. What I am trying to say is that I am far from perfect. In my life, I’ve made countless mistakes and the older I get I realize I’ll continue to make them.

I am not perfect … it’s even ridiculous to state the obvious. I am, however, generally the opposite of the qualities I’ve just listed. Just because there are moments of weakness, I keep trying to live my day-to-day life as a forgiving, kind, generous, compassionate, humble, non-judgmental human-being. I try to remember that everyone has their own set of burns and scars. I try to be grateful that my own life circumstances have been generally good and remember that others haven’t been so lucky. Most importantly, when someone I respect and trust attempts to remind me that I’m being a jackass, I listen.

So, I open doors, stand to give someone else the seat, donate, treat people often, try to cheer up strangers when they’re visibly down, support my friends and family, leave myself open to learning new things by spending a lot of time with young people, make others laugh. I do my best not to rub anything in anyone’s face. I point out great qualities or give compliments often to friends but also to complete strangers. It’s amazing to see a person’s face change from a few simple words. I kill them with kindness as often as I can. I usually wear people down; I’ve made some of my closest friends that way too!

I take time with the elderly because many are alone. They have no company and I too will get old.

I am no saint … never will be. I am a human being trying to present the best version of myself. I wake up every morning and try to be good to others. I believe that winning in life is also largely about not letting the negative things get to us or let naysayers tear us down. We all have lapses at times but it’s never too late to be better … be more.

I think the best thing we can do to show love to the world is recognize we’re far from perfect but, when it comes to kindness, keep on trying anyhow.

The second I stop doing that is the day I lose hope in others. That is someone I don’t want to become.


Thank you for this Leni. I was feeling the same way yesterday – that I have so much more to do. And yet here we are, doing something anyway – and that’s what counts. And to keep doing it. Kindness is definitely something I want to keep in mind more often.

“I am a human being trying to present the best version of myself”. Well said. And trying to be our best versions of self. Fabulous.

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