Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

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As a child the tradition in an Italian family would always be: Christmas Eve, eat and drink til you fall off your chair, and never refuse the 12th course of your meal; Christmas day, repeat. I still carry on this tradition but not to the crazy extent it once was. Now that I have a home I bring the tradition to my place where I can ensure that everyone comes to just relax and enjoy themselves (without Mom worrying about clean up and cooking).

The second tradition I always keep is cookie baking with my girlfriend. We grab the wine, play our tunes, watch classic Christmas movies and dress up like….well…goof balls all while baking. It is something that brings us a lot of laughter and a good trip down memory lane. I can’t promise that the last batch of cookies looks like anything recognizable since we’re usually a few glasses of wine down at that point, but is sure is fun.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s to an amazing 2018 full of prosperity, connection and love.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Meg’s Homeopathy

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