Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 12 – What Would Nancy Drew Do?

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Seriously. I know we’re adults, but Halloween just passed, and it would be really fun to jump back into that energy – the costume opportunity! Honestly, it’s not only fun, but it’s a serious and useful tool that we use as women to create the lives of our dreams.

As women, we use the concept of costume, or dressing up, as armour, for beauty, as inspiration, in support-of, to create confidence, or just for fun. Like it or not, our appearance has the power to set the stage in our lives, in any event we want to influence. It’s a kind of practical magic.

This week, share with us a favourite outfit or piece of clothing that you wear when you need to achieve something.

Do you have a favourite dress that makes you feel awesome? Do you have a favourite jacket that turns you into a rock star the moment you put it on? Do you have Shero shoes in your closet? Do you have a favourite hat that makes you invisible when you run errands?

If you had a problem to solve, or a hurdle to jump, or an inner child to protect, or a room full of students to inspire – any big, but every-day mission as a modern woman – what would you wear to self-inspire?

Have a fun week with this, Ladies!

Get your kit on!

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