This Week’s Topic- Awesomeness Habits

 In This Week's Topic


This topic landed perfectly to go along with our new group in the private forum, Immersion Coaching.  Last week our collective homework was to treat ourselves like a guest in our own home. That homework is always designed to make the big internal and conceptual shifts practical… and well, super fun!

It’s fun too, because that’s our topic of discussion this week; which habits make our lives – and better, the lives of our dreams – unfold as smoothly as silk?

Here’s how it goes:

Last week, we shared a positive and foundational belief we have about our lives, the world, or our dreams. Each of us shared a personal and individual  positive belief that governs our daily lives.

This week, share with us one “awesomeness habit” you have that keeps you connected to the life you believe you are meant to live. Here’s some clarity, so you know what you’re aiming at: there are bad habits; there are healthy habits; and then there are “awesomeness habits.” 

Yes! Exactly! We want to hear about one of those. Share with us one of your awesomeness habits. How does something you do so consciously and religiously make your life awesome?

Bonus: Does this habit link to your belief from last week? OR, start a new habit that links you to your belief from last week’s discussion.

Habits. We have them because we love them.

It’s personal awesomeness!

And, those direct and personal daily actions… it’s how we change the world. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.



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