Discussion Topic for the Week of June 26 – Just. Say. No.

 In This Week's Topic


Last week’s discussion was the great door opener for a great many things between us. We added to our lives the little “supportive” things, and also said YES! to preparing the ground for some of the bigger things that make our visions possible.

We took the walks. We made the phone calls. We signed the cheques for the down payments.

Totally inspirational – to each other and to that beautiful woman you see every morning in the mirror.

This week, let’s have those light and successful “accomplishment” feelings help us to say NO to a few things that don’t support us in our daily lives or towards our bigger vision. 

Do you have a habit you’ve been wanting to break? Is there an obligation you could drop? Is there an emotional or ralational contract you need to change? Can you declutter your kitchen even more? Is it time to drop the midnight snack?

It could be anything – the big, the small, the ugly! The “NOs” of your life take your energy and attention away from the “YESes”. 

This exercise is yes, absolutely about the clean-out that is possible, but keep your intention focused on the power that clarification allows.

Fuel your YES.

Just. Say. NO.

And…. GO!

Have a fabulous week. Enjoy this process. Let it set you free.

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