Discussion Topic for the Week of June 19 – Just. Say. Yes.

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Opportunities anyone? Yes please; don’t mind if we do!

This will seem like a departure from what was certainly a rich conversation last week, BUT, the ability to say yes easily and automatically comes from the ability to recognise how you feel, how you want to feel and what supports that.

When you are operating from a level of how it “feels” to make decisions. your opportunities can be accepted or deflected based on how they make you feel, rather than what you “think” is a good idea or opportunity. Ha – feel into that opportunity. It makes your decisions easier too! 

This week, let’s take it a step further: Just say yes. To everything.

Forget about whether it’s a good idea, an opportunity, or a “sabotage”. You can figure out the details later. We’re talking about raw energy here. It is simply the energy of yes.

Share on the site one thing daily that inspired you to say yes. Getting close to midnight? Find something. It’s easy! It’s just raw energy, so OK, YES I’ll have a tea before bed. I often think about it, but I never do it! YES! Yes indeed; these are the very same yeses that lead to seeing and accepting and creating huge opportunities for yourself.

Bonus: Did the yes lead to something perfect? Look back and get a little data! The more you have positive results from saying yes, the more you will create and accept the perfect opportunities of your dreams.

Have a fantastic week, Ladies!

Just say yes.

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