Consciously Woman is a personal growth community for women. It is a living workshop intended for the support of successful women in motion. It is a collaborative experience of women who model an engagement with conscious success.

It is founded from the feminine internal drive to share and collaborate, to support. We are the centre of our homes, our families, our businesses and the ripple-out of our relationship with each other is immense. The positive influence we have on each other feeds not only ourselves, but our loved ones and our circles of influence.

The impulse we share to continually improve ourselves has led each of us along an individual path of learning and success. We have come together to share these experiences in a way that allows the women around and behind us on that path to succeed with less effort and expense. This community is intended to provide the platform where we can share our experiences with others, and in turn receive the benefit of their experiences.

This community is for all women who wish to participate. Our common thread is that we are committed to our conscious growth and achievement, our success. Your participation will allow for both the receiving and the giving relationship with this community. The intention is for the exchange to be positive and fulfilling. This community in its entirety is intended to honour both the sharing and receiving parts of our exchange.