Ciao. Adieu. Good-bye.

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier;


Did you ever feel that as you put your intentions towards a certain goal or outcome all of a sudden things turn towards the worse?

You may have physical issues pop up or intensify. Old useless patterns you want to get rid of seem to be evermore present. Faulty beliefs may entrench your thinking. You may even feel that the stronger and clearer your intentions are the stronger the headwind gets. It just seems as if fate has it that you shouldn’t succeed with your intentions and that your goals are further away than ever before.

Know that this is actually quite normal. By intending for the better you’re calling forth that which still stands in your way. Why? So it can leave you. And… what do you do about it, exactly?

As an old pattern is leaving your energy, it still exists in your thoughts and your lifestyle decisions. Instead of worrying whether you will make the change or questioning your worth know that this is a sign you’re on the right path, that things are shifting for the better. Be kind to yourself and accept this as part of the process the best you can. Steer clear on your way to what you’re determined to achieve, wait out the upheaval of the old and you will get there.

Then, make an action plan for new behaviours that supports your desired results. That’s the recipe for success. Pause. Accept. Love. Forward.



This week’s homework:

Can you allow the shift to happen?




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